That’s who we are, and that’s where we’re going, using equal parts software and philosophy.


Here’s what we know.

Ability is up to you.

Not who you know. Not what you can pay for. Not how long you’ve been here.

Our products all have one plan: unlimited, with no restrictions on access or usage.

Trade fairly.

And that means conversation. Give-and-take is not one-size-fits-all.

We auto-set prices based on what each account looks like, and actively invite users to tell us what price works for them.

Nothing artificial.

Not hype, not engagement, not scarcity or demand, not profit, not compassion.

Our reputation is based on value over time. We don’t advertise, we don’t run sales or partner promotions. Our product is honest, and so is our customer understanding.

Trust always.

Everyone is doing their best. You are safe. There is enough.

Our business is not defensive; neither do we try to outrun the competition. Our practices are calm, confident, and deliberate.

Build simple.

Enable a future you can’t yet imagine.

Everything we make is a simple idea, because simple can most easily recombine into new. And you, friend, are going to make something new.


Here’s what we’re doing.

As a company, we’re mostly software.

As people, we have more to share. :)


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